Happy Boxing Day

This is my first blog post! I really thought that I would have started a blog by now since I have been reading healthy living blogs religiously for almost a year now! I was so busy this summer with work and this fall with my final semester at college that I haven’t had time until now to get my blog set up.

Well I have since graduated…

And now I’m ready to blog just in time for the New Year!

As I’m sure you know, today is Boxing Day, which is the day that everyone plays with his or her new Christmas presents! Boxing Day is a British tradition that originated as they day when all the help would get to celebrate and exchange gifts since they were too busy working on Christmas Day. My parents are both from Scotland so we used to get together with other British families we know nearby for dinner on Boxing Day but this year we’re just staying home and playing with our new gifts!

My dad and I got my mom a Kindle Touch for Christmas and she has been playing Thread Words since 11am yesterday morning. It’s addicting, I went to bed dreaming about letter combinations.

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas, here are some of the highlights of my gift bounty:

New Marc Jacobs bag – Sooooo lust-worthy! (With new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume!)

Garmin – I have wanted one of these for months; it’s a pity I can’t use it to run for a while since my knee’s busted (more on that later)

3 Vegan Cookbooks: Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Vegan Pie In The Sky – I already have Veganomicon and Appetite for Reduction by the same author, which are like User Manuals for my body, so I am super excited to get started on some of these recipes!

Ohm necklace from my boyfriend!

Lululemon gift certificate! I see some new workout clothes in my future! (Obsessed With Lulu right here.)

I’m off to the gym to work off some of the indulgences from last night, so I’ll see you guys later!

What was the best gift you ever received for Christmas?

-For me it was definitely the Kindle I received last year!

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