Hello blogglies! Thanks for checking out Well-Fed Redhead!

I’m Fiona and I’m a 22 year-old chef living in the Garden State! I graduated NYU in December 2011 with a degree in Environmental Studies and recently completed the Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in June 2012!

Five Fun Fiona Facts

(not in order of importance)

  1. I have a cat named Henry who I adopted from NYC Animal Care and Control in September 2010. He has some undesirable habits (i.e. pooping in the shower) but he is the sweetest kitty and I am absolutely besotted with him! Unlike me, he is very photogenic…

2. I’m vegetarian and a health-nut so I’m super psyched to learn to cook nutritious, mostly veggie food that will impress even meat-eaters.

3. Horses are a true passion of mine and I have been horse-back riding since I was 10 years old. I was really horse-crazy in middle school and spent the majority of my time with a stick horse between my legs, jumping over pretend jumps. I actually broke my big toe in a stick-horse jumping accident when I was 14 and it has never been the same.

4. I love running! You know what I love even more than running? Talking about running and trying on running shoes 🙂

5. I love my boyfriend of three years, Dan!

BONUS FACT: I have naturally red curly hair, thanks to my Scottish heritage.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Fiona! I just wanted to say that I’ve been following your blog for the past month or so, and love it. Keep posting/cooking!

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