Great Swamp NJ Devil 5K


Today I ran my 4th 5K this year and PR’ed by 3 minutes! I woke up excited to have a Sunday off work and excited to get my race on. I fueled with some gluten-free pumpkin pie pancakes before heading out to Basking Ridge, NJ for the 11am race start. There were two options, a 5K or a 15K. The 15K started an hour later to avoid overcrowding on the narrow out-and-back course.


It was windy and chilly this morning due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy tomorrow, so I shivered and did some dynamic stretching until the gun went off. I don’t usually listen to music when I run but I loaded Taylor Swift’s new album onto my MOTOACTV watch and I really think it helped me run faster (did I already mention that I PR’ed by 3 minutes?!) I love my GPS watch that I stole from my mom, it’s way lighter than my old Garmin 350 and locates a signal much more quickly, plus you can load music onto it!






The course was really flat and there were only about 150 participants. There’s something really nice and intimate about smaller local races. Maybe it’s because there is less of a competitive atmosphere? After the race started I quickly found my groove and kept a good pace throughout. T. Swift really kept me pumped and the race was over before I knew it…

I was completely beat since I really pushed myself to increase my pace, but luckily it paid off!


Woot woot! My next race is a 5-miler on Thanksgiving Day! I also signed up for my first half-marathon this week, the National Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. on March 16th!

Talk to you soon! I hope everyone stays safe with Hurricane Sandy!

One thought on “Great Swamp NJ Devil 5K

  1. Congratulations on a PR! I time very similar to you, around 30-31 minutes for a 5k. I have a goal to beat 30 minutes (which I did at my last race, 29:59! just barely 🙂 ) I also have a small race coming up this Sunday that I’m excited about. Again, good job!

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