happy prez day

Happy President’s Day

I’ve had a nice weekend but it was busy because I got temporary a new job working at a sock shop. It’s been awesome weather all weekend and I was happy to have a completely free day to enjoy it, even though I spent it mostly doing errands with my boy toy.

I was super jealous of the new chef shoes my classmate Rachel was sporting last week. We have to have black non-skid shoes for our chef’s uniforms and while my $20 Croc knock-offs are okay, they are not the comfiest. Rachel kept bragging about how amazing her S.A.S. shoes were so I tried them on and immediately decided I needed a pair of my own. I could not find them for sale anywhere online so my friend from the Natural Gourmet, Jane, and I set out to find them on Sunday morning.

Our adventure brought us to Chinatown of all places!


Luckily they had the shoes in our size! They are not the most fashionable choice of footwear but they will keep our feet happy while we’re standing all day chopping veggies and such.

On our way back to the East Village we made a pit-stop at my favorite bakery, Babycakes!

I got a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting and Jane got a donut.

Jane is gluten-intolerant so she was happy to be able to take part in one of Babycake’s gluten-free donuts. As far as gluten-free bakeries go, Jane and I have a difference in opinion. Jane thinks Tu-Lu’s Bakery is better while I am a loyal fan of Babycakes. I think in the future we will have to do a side-by-side taste test to see who the real winner is!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Look out for a new recipe post tomorrow!

Peas out. 🙂