How to be a Well-Fed Traveller

Eating healthy can be a challenge while travelling. Airports and train stations are generally filled with unhealthy chain restaurants. I always try to bring enough snacks so I will not starve if I cannot find appropriate options. I also always request vegetarian meals, which has pros and cons. The pros are that your food comes out first and if it’s a dinner meal then it’s usually Indian food. Airplane food sucks in general but the Indian food is actually super tasty and I’ll be done eating by the time the rest of the cabin gets served boring old chicken or beef. The only con is that the breakfast and lunch options suck, but I think they suck across the board so it’s not so bad.

Before my flight home to the U.S., I scoured my terminal for a good morning snack/lunch option. I settled on Pret a Manger, which is a Starbucks-esque chain in the U.K. I was excited to find edamame in the pre-packaged section and decided to have that for a snack with a flat white made with soymilk. A flat white is an espresso drink made with the milk from the bottom of the steamer so it has a creamier texture more coffee flavor and less milk. I really liked it and wish it was available in the States!

Protein + caffeine = a happy traveller

For lunch I picked up a sandwich that contained avocado, pickled carrots and daikon, spinach and a chili dressing. It was delicious and really fresh, and had lots of good veggies.


Water is a must for long flights. I always try to stock up on two liters before I board. It’s a pain in the butt to lug around two liters of water but it’s definitely worth it. I ended up drinking both liters, as well as 4-5 cups of water the airline supplied and I was still thirsty!

Other travel essentials are a snack (I brought along a Clif KidZ Bar) and lip balm. Chapped lips are the worst!

Passport(s) (I have dual citizenship which basically means never waiting at customs… #luckiest), American cell phone, European cell phone and most importantly my trusty Kindle.

With these essentials I was managed to stay happy, healthy and entertained throughout my flight (even if I was a bit thirsty towards the

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