Getting Saucy

The past couple of days have been all about sauce at the Natural Gourmet Institute. First we made stocks on Monday which was less than thrilling but necessary none-the-less since stocks are the basis to many soups, stews and sauces. Sauces are an integral part of a menu and really bump of the sex appeal of a dish. A plain old chicken breast with a side of veggies can be made so much sexier by adding a delicious and colorful sauce.

I agree that a sauce can make or break a meal but they can be a bitch to work with, especially when you try to veganize them. On Tuesday I was working on a vegan Bechamel sauce with almond milk instead of regular, and the almond milk thickened up so quickly that my sauce was like paste. I ended up altering the texture later on with more almond milk but it was a temperamental recipe for sure.

The pictures have not been too exciting but I snapped some to share.

We had a few alterations on traditional pesto including Parsely Pumpkin and Min Pistachio. I really liked both of these but I think the Basil Walnut variation we made was still my favorite.



A yummy Leek Asparagus Coulis served over asparagus.


Parsnip Coulis (I made this one! It contains fresh almond milk that I strained myself!)


A vegan Corn Hollandaise (looks like Hollandaise but tastes like corn.)


Carrot-beet Sauce which looks and acts like tomato sauce but is good for people who don’t like tomatoes or want to avoid their high acidity.


I have to dash to class but I’m leaving you with a picture of a box.Image

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