Soy to the World

In the words of one of my classmates, “We have been farting all week.” Soy can cause digestive discomfort and a lot of us have been feeling it this week since we learned how to make and prepare tofu and tempeh dishes.

Thursday’s class consisted of a lecture on soy and a demonstration where we saw how soymilk and tofu were made. I used to eat a lot of tofu (1-2 blocks a week) but I’m trying to branch out and eat more diverse forms of protein so I’ve been eating a lot more beans and eggs. Tofu is great but I think it’s best in moderation.

It’s surprisingly easy to make tofu and the flavor of freshly made tofu was so superior that I might start doing it myself. This was the tofu that the Chef made during the demo, it was AMAZING!

He then dressed it up and made teriyaki tofu and miso-marinated tofu. Did you know that miso is made from soybeans?

We also had miso-marinated salmon, which was really awesome. I took a half piece since I have been vegetarian and not eaten fish since I was 15 years old. After the first bite I immediately put the second half on my plate, it was that good! What have I been missing all this time?

Yesterday, we got to try our hand at our own tofu and tempeh dishes. I worked on a recipe for Tofu Burgers that turned out really well. A lot of my classmates said they couldn’t even tell there was tofu in it. As our class is getting deeper into the program we are cooking better and better stuff (obviously) so our little lunches after cooking are getting so good!


We also had tempeh sausages.

Barbecue tofu.

Tempeh Scalloppini (both with red and white wine sauces)

Tempeh Kebobs (these were my favorite!)

And Family-Style Bean Curd

SO. MUCH. SOY. I love tofu but if I see another piece of it this weekend I might lose it!


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