hail seitan

Yesterday was seitan day at the Natural Gourmet Institute. As a long time vegetarian, I have tried seitan before but I’ve never made it at home. You can buy premade seitan in health food stores but we made it from scratch and it was super labor intensive. Basically, seitan has two ingredients, flour and water. After a lot of kneading and rinsing, you are left with the wheat gluten which is pure protein. 3 oz of seitan has the same amount of protein as 3 oz of steak with 70 fewer calories, 10 fewer grams of fat (only 1.5!) and zero cholesterol. It’s a great source of meatless protein and has been used in Asia for centuries!

Can I just tell you that seitan is not worth all the work put into it? Kneading it and rinsing it in ice-cold water is torturous and the amount of seitan produced is not enough to warrant putting myself through that. Needless to say, our entire class was exhausted by the end of the day (even though my feet felt pretty great because of my new shoes!). We made seitan from scratch and then made various different recipes to explore the potential of “wheat-meat.”

Two kinds of stew:

There were also seitan sandwiches and seitan burgers that I didn’t manage to get a picture of. My favorites were the seitan Bordelaise in the white wine sauce and the Indian kebabs. Seitan is pretty good; it is the most meat-like of meat substitutes but I find the texture kind of rubbery and definitely not worth making it from scratch!

Today is SEA VEGETABLE DAY! I ❤ seaweed!!!


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