I can see clearly now the (G)rain is gone.

Did everyone have a nice Valentine’s Day? I had a great time at Thai massage with Dan, but I wish Valentine’s Day was on the weekend this year because it was so hard to get up this morning. It should at least be a national holiday, am I right?

So, yesterday’s class was all about grains! It was actually the second day of “Grain Practicum” but it was the first for me since I was out sick on Monday with the stomach flu. Our class was divided into three groups that were each responsible for certain recipes. Within our groups we split up the recipes and I was assigned the polenta. I had never made polenta before and it was so fun! I definitely want to make polenta more often since I am totally hooked on the yellow stuff.

After preparing our polenta, my partner and I cut out fun shapes with cookie cutters. Since it was Valentine’s Day we made sure to make many polenta hearts. Half of our recipe was being baked and the other half fried. Believe it or not I actually think I liked it baked better!

Our class also made baked millet croquettes (which were BOMB!)

Barley and squash stew (it tasted better than it looks!)


and risotto with short grain brown rice instead of arborio.

For me the polenta definitely stole the show! I’m so happy to have been exposed to all these new grains; it has definitely opened my palate up from just brown rice. I now have 3 different types of brown rice, amaranth and millet in my freezer (and I will be getting cornmeal a.s.a.p. to make polenta)! Tomorrow is Bean Day!


One thought on “I can see clearly now the (G)rain is gone.

  1. Hi Fiona! I’m a brazilian RD, natural cooking enthusiast and I came here to congrats you! I appreciate a lot your nice shares about de NGI.. good luck in your career!

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