Culinary School is making me broke.

Why am I going broke?

Because of this.

No not this…


Whole Foods is a magical place where all my dreams have the potential to come true. Unfortunately Whole Foods caters doesn’t cater towards the 99%.

It also doesn’t help that I pass by the food mecca on my way home from class daily.

The Natural Gourmet Institute is definitely influencing my purchases. I’ve been trying to find alternatives for my beloved oatmeal after finding out that rolled oats and oat bran are not whole foods and therefore less nutritious. The past couple of days I’ve had quinoa for breakfast but I wanted to check out other grains so I hit up Whole Foods bulk section.

My bulk purchases for the day were amaranth, azuki beans, nutritional yeast and raisins. I promise I won’t eat them all together (EW!). I love the bulk bins because they are so convenient and cheap but sometimes I worry about how clean they are and how old the products are. I’m soaking the beans right now and they are looking a little wrinkly and aged… I also got some honey and a full-fat greek yogurt to try.

In our morning lecture today we talked more about Basic Quality Ingredients and focused on animal proteins. A lot of the information was a repeat for me because I studied factory farms in depth during my time as an Environmental Studies major at NYU, but I still found it quite interesting (and disturbing). What was really fascinating to me was the information Chef Céline told us about dairy and raw milk. Very few people in this country consume whole milk products (including myself). Chef told us that to make skim milk palatable, powdered milk is added which causes the milk to oxidize and become rancid. Also, modern dairy is pasteurized and homogenized so it no longer contains beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals that natural milk does. Class today gave me something to think about; I’m definitely curious about this whole raw milk thing and am taking the first (baby) step by sampling a full-fat yogurt.

My splurge for the day was this Lunch Pot by black + blum. It was $17.99 but I have wanted a lunch box for ages and this one was so appealing with its separate compartments and reusable lime green spork. I’m excited to start using it next week!

Tomorrow is Basic Cook Tech 4 where we will be roastin’ and toastin’! I’m off to go spend the evening with my two main men, see you on the flip side :).


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