What I Ate Wednesday

This is my first WIAW post!

I didn’t end up going to the gym or physical therapy yesterday. I had to cancel my PT appointment because I switched to a new insurance on January 1st and my therapist is not in my new insurance’s network. I’m so disappointed! I spent the rest of the afternoon moping around upset because my knee hurts and feeling pessimistic about ever getting better… I actually got all my gym clothes on but couldn’t bring myself to go, which was super lame. Whatever, that was yesterday and today is a new day!

Not to dwell on the past but here is what I ate yesterday. Yesterday was Tuesday but today is Wednesday so it still counts as WIAW right?

I had the same breakfast as Monday, which was overnight oats with chia seeds, half a banana and almond butter. Plus cinnamon, never forget the cinnamon!

Lunch was an impromptu sandwich, I pan fried some tofu and seasoned it with soy sauce and spices then stuffed it into a toasted whole wheat pita with a quarter  avocado, some hummus and some sauteed spinach. I just used what I had available and it turned out great!

For an afternoon snack I chomped on half an apple with a half packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. Plus cinnamon again :). If you’ve never added cinnamon to your apple slices you are missing out, it makes a huge difference to the flavor! As you can see, I was already halfway through my snack when I remembered to take a picture.

I was super hungry by the time dinner rolled around. My dad made vegetarian chili and it was scrumptious! I was so famished that I forgot to take a picture of it until after I finished, so I just snapped a pic of the leftovers in the pot. I ate this with a half cup of brown rice and some roasted cauliflower.

Then I snuck a few spoonfuls of Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbet from the container… (but we will pretend I didn’t.)

I’ll get better at remembering to photograph my food by next week, I promise! Today I have to take my mom to the doctor, then I have to hit up the gym (since that failed yesterday) and go visit the boy! It’s gonna be a great Hump Day!

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