Bday Recap

Yesterday I turned 22. 22 is not a milestone by any means, but it’s one step closer to those dreaded mid-20’s and then the (gasp) big 3-0. I’m a 22 years old college graduate, I should be a real adult by now right? When I was 18, if you told me I would go ice skating and eat Airheads on my 22nd birthday, I’d probably think you were trying to pull my leg (please only pull my right leg, since it’s a little shorter than my left…). 22 year olds should celebrate by getting classy mixed drinks in rooftop bars and talking about politics. Well folks, I did eat Airheads on my birthday and I’m proud of it.

My favorite birthday gift was a cupcake apron from Anthropologie! My birthday is only 4 days after Christmas, and I know a lot of other people with birthdays around Christmas get shortchanged, but I truly never did. My parents always made sure to make my birthday super special, I think that’s why I love birthdays so much (everyone’s not just mine). Honestly, tell me your birthday and I’ll never forget it.

I made my cupcakes in the morning and while they were cooling, my ‘rents and I went out for a celebratory lunch. We went to a restaurant called food. in Summit, New Jersey.

It’s a really cool restaurant that’s marketed at foodies, focusing on local, ethical and gourmet American food. There was plenty of vegetarian options available and I was craving sweet potato fries like the Queen craves tea and biscuits so I ordered a veggie burger with sweetp fries.

One sweet potato fry snuck into my dad’s basket of standard (boring) fries, can you see it?

After lunch I frosted the cupcakes and my boyfriend came over to take me out ice skating!

The cupcakes were really good; they were super moist and I loved the pistachio flavor. However, the icing was really weird and kind of separated after I piped it. I’m not sure why, maybe it was a reaction between the oil in the shortening and the rose water? I enjoyed them none the less!

this sign was outside the ice rink!

When Dan and I got to the ice skating rink we were told that is was closing in 10 minutes for an hour. It was super chilly yesterday and we did not want to wait outside…

So we went to a nearby mall where we wandered around, I got my eyebrows threaded (much needed) and Dan used up some Old Navy gift cards he had. When we finally ventured over to the ice skating rink it had reopened. I was tired though and first needed to refuel with Air Heads in the car before I could muster energy to get my skate on.

I “skated” really slowly around the edge a few times (it’s hard and I am challenged when it comes to balance). Despite my lack of skills, I had a great time and by the time we were finished I was famished. Good thing we were going for all you can eat sushi! My birthday was awesome and I am so thankful for my parents and my boyfriend who really made it special!

Now it’s 1pm and I’m still in my PJ’s. Are 22 year olds allowed to do that? I better get started on my day, I have errands to run and more episodes of Glee to watch!

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